The chapter 10 of Factfulness is about The Urgency Instinct. And the first topic in that chapter talks about writer’s experience when he still was a district doctor, and how was one statement that he said, “You must do something” haunted him for 35 years.

This topic kind of fit in with what happened several months ago, remember that somehow suddenly a lot of people becomes a pandemic expert? They said, the holy grail is to lockdown the country / city. Well, I remember that India is one of the country to imposed the lockdown, country-wide. And what follows next was not as expected, it’s chaotic, the infection rates were not slowing down, it’s getting even worse. The lockdown was not the answer to India’s problem at that point. The lockdown was driven by urgency and fear, and somehow it ended up as a miscalculated decision. Sure, lockdowns is one of the solutions, but one solution does not fit all conditions.


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